Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Forgotten Lore: ABC Weapons

My discovery of ABC Weapons was the product of a summer with too much time and one dedicated to finding music. Luckily, I came across the now defunct ABC Weapons of Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2003, dead by 2008, these boys put out only two EPs and are trying to get an unreleased album out posthumously.

The style the band plays is a furious d-beat driven ensemble of blistering guitar leads and barked vocals on top of typical punky like chord progressions. A very metal, yet dynamic approach to a commonly replicated sound.

Similar to the band they take their name from (*cough* G.I.S.M *cough*), ABC Weapons have guitar leads that would fit in much more with the melodic thrash crowd than any punk group. It's a big statement to make, but take a mid-era Wolfpack/brigade effort and make it more melodic, dynamic, and better and essentially you've got ABC Weapons. The Process of Decay has always been a top player in my month to month listening. It's such a great mixture of melodic, catchy leads and hooks along with furious vocals and surging d-beats that get me in a Doom kinda mood.

It's rare to find such a release that is perfect in of itself, and that's just the case with The Process of Decay, without fault or any need, it's definitely one of my favorite EPs.

For fans of Muga, Martyrdod, His Hero is Gone, Wolfpack/bridge, Nux Vomica, etc.

Up the punx!

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