Monday, May 14, 2012

thedowngoing doesn't fuck with capitalization

much like their refusal to capitalize anything, thedowngoing don't adhere to any set of rules or standards. the two man aussie act hits a fine point between grindcore and complete noise oblivion that does well for someone like me who's not the biggest fan of power electronics and harsh noise. distorted (make that ultra distorted) vocals plus complete guitar abuse and a whole bucket of various effects untop of stumbling drums make up a unique brand of grind noise that strives for some sort of equilibrium.

the ep starts with an eerie guitar pluck and an unfortunately overused quote from "there will be blood." this intro sets the bar high as it's so uncomfortable sounding and yet intriguing. i'd love to see the band pump out more ambient uses of noise like this as it is a welcomed change from the rest of the ep that's exhausting and overtly painful.

tracks like "hurtnone" and "badmachete" are easily the best the band has to offer as they successfully find common ground between delirious noise and wrathful grindcore while allowing the guitar to be clearly heard.

a large step on their way to perfecting a particularly difficult mesh of styles, thedowngoing offer a fallen power line of grind noise that can be enjoyed by fans on both sides of the fence.

check it out  below or download for free at grindcore karaoke
and keep up to date with the band on their page.


Andrew Childers said...

this is a pretty damn intense ep. but yeah, after i got this i started hearing that same damn quote everyfrickenwhere

DesiccatedVeins said...

I love the metallic scrape 'n' shriek that goes on in this EP. Like shorn of flesh Discordance Axis leaving a frantic message on your voicemail.

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