Monday, October 29, 2012

Sete Star Sept - Vinyl Collection 2010-2012

Sete Star Sept = Seven Star Seven. Japanese 2 band members one who plays drums and one who sings and plays the bass. Nothing nice, nothing catchy. Faster, louder, busier than you'd want. Not sensible or enjoyable, you'll lose friends with this.

Their collected vinyl works from 2010-2012 on one compact disc is great for collectors, but awful for me. An hour of this? Painful and too much. No John Cage thoughtbastion, and not as uncomfortable as Naked City. But I guess wanting to turn off =7s7's mission?

Support if you don't like music and want to be angry and then thank (or hate) Fuck Yoga.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Forgotten Lore: Evil Army

Somewhere in the middle of that whole thrash revival fad there was Evil Army; an unassuming three-piece hailing from Tennessee who put out a few EPs and one excellent, balls to the wall LP simply titled Evil Army.

Evil Army had me sold with opener "Conqueror Human Life," a fast catchy track built upon a hardcore punk framework that contained one of the best thrash breaks this side of the century (around 1:40). In a nutshell, this is what Evil Army had to offer: tight, well rounded thrash with gnarly 80's punk vocals and old school punk urgency. Nothing fancy, no gimmicks and no fat, Evil Army clocks in at nearly 25 minutes with 13 tracks and leaves you wanting nothing else but to simply hit "repeat."

While "Conquer Human Life" and the riff catalog "Relentless Assault" flexes their thrashier side "Evil Army," "Satan Made Me Do It,"  "Scum of the Earth," as well as closer "Wrong Approach" show the band's punk affinity in spades. Gang choruses, simple power chord progressions and some of the most fevered and fastest vocals I've heard, Evil Army hearken back to a day when the realms of metal and punk knew no better and could be confused as one.

As they've been on hiatus for quite a while, Rob Evil has recently been released from jail, so we can look forward to more thrash on the horizon.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Monomaniac Vol. 1

Back in the day, a day I probably don't have much business talking about, procuring music was more difficult and expensive; hence compilations provided a necessary role for those without buckets of money. Growing up I indulged in plenty of shitty compilation cds and would find one or two bands worth a damn and was thankful for that. A bit of nostalgia in that regard as Blastbeat Mailmurder's Monomaniac Vol 1 occupies an excellent niche in the grindcore world as it brings together many bands ready to burst into international acclaim (and all tracks exclusive to this comp).

Keeping with the comp's theme of roughly 1 minute offerings, I'll describe each track with one sentence.

Michigan grinders Cloud Rat start things off with "Finger Print;" a jam those Finns Rotten Sound wish they could pen.

Following up are 3 frantic, noisy and raw outbursts from Australian favorites thedowngoing (review for their latest athousandyearsofdarkness).

"Birthday Party" shows Detroit's strong suit in penning a 34 second grinder that's as elaborate and thick as you could get.

My first introduction to Sete Star Sept isn't pretty, nor is their brand of noiser than thou grind encapsulated by "Why not Intersect."

Body Hammer's "Dog Star Man" rounds off the noisy escapades with an awesomely haunting track that's 1 part grind and 2 parts evil souls lost at space.

Head Cleaner offer up the most metal approached grinder of the comp with "The Weapon of the Proletariat," which disappointingly lacks a bit of the muck the other bands include.

Diocletian's "Traitor's Gallow" is a welcomed change of pace as it ushers in one of two awesomely brutal and rough black metal tracks that incorporate an ugly breath of death metal.

The Howling Wind offer a strand of their subterranean and bizarre conjuration of black metal seen through grinder's eyes with "Bewilderment."

"Beneath the Emblems of Death" is the comp's other brutally ugly blacken death metal track courtesy of Sempiternal Dusk.

Things end on an unsettling, abstract, and alluring note revolving around noises and one noodley guitar line with This is Past's contribution "Catatonia."

A great comp showcasing bands from all over the globe that you should hear. I particularly like the combo of black metal bands with grindcore bands as it's always been a marriage I've advocated. I'm particularly fond of Body Hammer and Diocletian's contributions to this comp.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweatin' To the Oldies vol 1

Here's what started as a playlist to encourage my sorry ass to find its way into the gym. You'll notice the excessive amount of beatdown power violence and death metal makes up the majority of the mix. Hope you enjoy!

Song            Artist       Album 
  1. Untitled I Ruin Lust Tour Demo  
  2. Life Beyond Life Innumerable Forms Dark Worship 
  3. Mass Obliteration Suffocation Effigy Of The Forgotten 
  4. Long Gone Coke Bust Degradation 
  5. Buried Death Coffins Buried Death 
  6. Pity Addict In Disgust Reality Choke 
  7. Kazdy Powod Wystarczajacy Suffering Mind Suffering Mind 
  8. Blood War III Antaeus De Principii Evangelikum 
  9. Manipulate Mind Eraser The Prodigal Son Brings Death 
  10. Sheet Metal Girl Pig Destroyer Prowler in the Yard 
  11. Förtärd Av Smärta Skitsystem Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen 
  12. Kept in a Position of Power Sex Prisoner Sex Prisoner 
  13. All About You The Berzerker World Of Lies 
  14. Nuclear Deterrence Insect Warfare World Extermination 
  15. La Peste Roja Looking For An Answer Eterno Treblinka 
  16. Siphon Then Slit Magrudergrind Magrudergrind/Shitstorm Split 
  17. Starless Dephosphorus Night Sky Transform
  18. Devletin Terörü Kimi Koruyor? I Sakatat Bir Devrin Sonu 
  19. Na Naszych Oczach...  Self Hate At The Beginning... (God Created Fear) 
  20. Rotten To Forgotten Hatred Surge Deconstruct 
  21. Master Of Profits Hewhocorrupts The Discographer 
  22. Rejected Psychopath Weekend Nachos Unforgivable 
  23. Hand Me Down Existencia Despise You West Side Horizons 
  24. Debilitated Hands Faith Addiction Order From Chaos 
  25. Greyed Out Drugs Of Faith Corroded        

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Column of Heaven - Mission from God

This is the world I know. A grey and horrid north where victims lay in endless lines. A mile from my home. In the mist of the moore, heed the golden voice of God.

Much has been made of the international project Column of Heaven and their second release, Mission from God. Some of the hype undoubtedly lays in the band's pedigree, most notably containing members of the seminal power violence act The Endless Blockade. Roots aside, Column of Heaven hold their own as Mission from God promises to be one of the best releases of the year.

Bands like Column of Heaven appeal to me greatly. Beyond the band's sound, it's the band's image and atmosphere that really push me into obsession. Uncomfortable bursts of noise and samples, cryptic song titles and magnificent artwork enforce the focus of the release; The Yorkshire Ripper.

While extreme music, punk and metal in particular, often focus on the unsavory and serial killers, Mission from God is hardly tongue in cheek or typical. Bouts of power electronics, distorted samples, sheets of guitars and tortured wails saturate the listener in such a way that few bands can achieve. The ending of "The Devouring Grief" as well as "Entheogen" might be the best examples of this, especially the latter as it's a trudging shamble of noisy sheets, sludgy riffs, powerful reverberated vocals and what sounds like an Adhan processed into something horrifying.

While these are definite highlights and strong accents to the band's sound, they're just that - accents. The heart of the band is grindcore, a particular style that takes influence not only from punk (as it should) but also sludge and death metal as the riffs are thick and harsh, fitting right in. In the end, Column of Heaven's strengths lay in the dense and ruthless atmosphere and their very layered sound.

Mission from God ends fittingly with an uncomfortable piano line and a recorded conversation with the Yorkshire Ripper himself (William Sutcliffe) and what I assume to be a reporter. A package in whole, Mission from God requires a morbid curiosity and a mere handful of minutes to sit through and fully enjoy. The LP of the release features art by Perpetual favorite Give Up and shouldn't be missed.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beatriz Carnicero - No Reces

I could make a big deal about Beatriz Carnicero hailing from Uruguay, but I'll skip that and give the band their due as they play an exciting style of Slap-A-Ham power violence. Equal parts Spazz, Fuck on the Beach, and their own accent, Beatriz Carnicero capture the spirit of 90's hardcore perfectly. Quick shifts in momentum, various vocals tied together by thrashy guitars and an amazingly well balanced and perfect production creates an immediately likable sound.

No Reces ("Don't Pray") hardly sounds like a band's first release and yet it has that spirit of a young band, something you couldn't get out of many old bands if you held a gun to their head.Opener "The Haroldos" rips into things and showcases the dynamic vocal performances perfectly. "Sindrome de Lalas" is punctuated with great back and forth riffs and little breaks for the bellow vocals to cudgel everything else. From track to track the band mulls around in blast beats and punk sections, intertwining thrashy get-up-n-go parts with quick samples and plenty to circle pit to.

I have zero complaints about this release and can't get enough of it. It's like some great flashback re-imagined with both homage and personal enjoyment as part of the plan; I'm also a sucker for bands who sing in their native tongue and skip English -  it just seems more punk.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bandcamp of the Week: Infinite Scale

In an atempt to find something close to the godly Massive Attack vs Burial EP from last year I stumbled upon U.K.'s Infinite Scale.

Sparse, soothing, blissful electronica that sometimes sounds like a film score, sometimes not. I don't know what the hell you call this stuff, but I love it. Real big fan of Ad Infinitum.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bandcamp of the Week: Planning For Burial

Planning For Burial are one of those bands that has a multitude of styles and influences and can't be given a fair description in a short sentence or two. With that, I'll say Planning For Burial is a bleak, emotive one man act that covers everything from drone, post rock, ambient and sludge in some shape or form.

I've only listened to Leaving and because I like it so much I haven't even bothered checking out other releases.

Definitely for fans of atmospheric, depressing and ethereal music. Comparisons won't do justice, but should appeal to those who like The Angelic Process, Jesu, maybe even Caïna.

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