Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu

Turkey's Sakatat make a strong case with their debut full-length Bir Devrin Sonu which I believe translates to "end of an era." End of an era couldn't be more wrong as Sakatat are heating up and developing into one of the most energetic bands around. After a handful of splits and eps, we finally get to hear the treatment this band has deserved for quite awhile.

Bir Devrin Sonu might not have the length one would expect for an LP, even if it is a grindcore album (8 minutes does  leave a bit to be desired), but the production this time around wholly warrants the title of a full-length. The band still maintains their old school, buzzy style but have a robust production to heighten the punch of the drums and bring to light some great fret work which typically got buried by their Warsore style production. Another giant step are the vocals as vocalist Semih sounds outright crazy. Chang like bat screeches, throaty barks and even gang vocals; the dynamic vocals work wonders for the band's momentum shifting style.

Sakatat are one of a handful of new bands carrying the torch of old school grindcore and not sounding redundant or like a clone. Their production is fresh, yet heavy and powerful and their approach doesn't have a fetid smell to it. The band's at their best with songs like "Adım Adım Elerki" or "Tahammül Etmek Kabul Etmek Demek" which break away from the blasts to heighten the intensity with crashing sheets of cymbals and power chord riffs.

There's not much else to say besides this is what we have been waiting for. Sakatat strike with a lethal dose of speed and energy and beg your repeat button to get some wear.


Alex Layzell said...

A strong contender for the top spot of 2012 in my books. I dread to think how many times I have left this release on repeat, yet I still don't get bored of it. Was gutted to miss them on their euro tour (studies come first), but numerous people make it their mission to taunt me that Sakatat are an even mightier sight to behold live then they are on record, that being said I can in turn taunt those friends who are yet to listen to this wonderful release.

Perpetual Strife said...

Well said Alex, waiting on them here State side. I was very disappointed at first at the length, but as i ran it on repeat I grew to care less and less.

Perpetual Strife said...

haha yeah Andrew, that was a good rant on his part.

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