Friday, May 17, 2013

Ruined Families - Blank Language

Blank Language is that light at the end of the tunnel, the album that twists and turns the way you'd want and the distant dream you've been thinking about since you first had it some years ago. Well...maybe not you, but this is something that I've been itching for ever since I first delved into hardcore music. Ruined Families's style could be pigeon holed as post-hardcore, but what really matters is the fulfilling sensation of the album and all the different notes it hits. Whether those notes are emotional, melodic, or rhythmic, Blank Language is an impressive effort that melds a myriad of influences and sounds into a unique and pulsating album.

At its heart, Blank Language, is a punk album steeped in emotion. From slow to fast, low to high, and urgent to cascading, the album flows with such a strong sensation it becomes easy to get lost in it. Influences are a plenty, the very black metally beginning of "To New Parents," a refrain of blast beats and tremolo picked guitars, or the very 90's screamo sounding "208" which kicks at a mid-tempo with a catchy power chord refrain. "Easy Livin'" continues "208's" swaying vibe with a strong bass line and a similar guitar riff. For the most part the band refuses to sit in the same territory and makes use excellent musicianship and interplay between the drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. The vocals themselves are great as they are just barely understandable, yet carry plenty of venomous attitude and forlorn weight.

While most tracks on the album hover around 2 minutes, Ruined Families are able to cram so many different thoughts into each track that the tracks themselves dissipate and individual refrains, choruses, or riffs are what become points of reference. Whether it's the mighty build up of "Nature's Worst" or the dismally intriguing first notes of "Pedestal," it all runs together in the way a well written work should (not saying that it's bland, but it just feels natural).

Where words fail me, the music should speak for itself. My favorite tracks are "Only Need is Real," "208," "Easy Livin'," and "Pedestal." You'll get the best idea of the band once you listen to those excellent tracks. Further to my lack of expression, it's safe to say that comparisons to His Hero is Gone, Perth Express and Pg. 99  do well to give a bit of an idea. I'm sure there are better comparisons, but for a metalhead like myself I don't know much else.

Put out by Adagio830, a label that's never let me down, this is album has been on repeat since I first got a hold of it.

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blasting D said...

yes really good band and record!

and a really good review as well.

Takis from Ruined family just send me his interesting answers to questions I sent him.
here it is, with the short review I did for the album :

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