Friday, February 3, 2012


As much as I wish this was actually just about Onyx, I'm gonna talk about Philly's Backslider and their latest  release instead. While it's hard for me to admit to liking anything from Philadelphia - us New Yorkers are petty when it comes to sports - this band is so up my ally I have a sneaking suspicion I've been incepted. Anyway, Backslider's music is built around rhythm and aggression paired with playful and energetic drums and vocals that might beat you up for showing too much enthusiasm.

Each song's a strip of stop n'go power violence that throws itself against the momentum it's already created in a musical sort of homage to Isaac Newton and his third law of motion. There's a sick and disgusting guitar that evens out the lack of a bassist and throaty pissed vocals to match. They're not breaking new ground with their riffs, but it's really just about the energy and the vocal delivery that'll put you on your ass.

  "Your problems are your own and it's time to fucking deal, I don't give a shit and I can't change how I feel."
"Failed Attempts at Empathy"

 It's not often you find a power violence band that 1. can rhyme without sounding retarded and 2. actually have something to say besides "fuck __"(insert whichever antagonist you'd like). Backslider find their strength in crazed attack from every side and a Sheer Terror level of anger. No more excuses for sleeping on this band.

To Live a Lie

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