Monday, February 6, 2012

Tour of Duty - Finland

Finland, maybe more than any other country, does not get the recognition it deserves for its awesome black metal scene. While there's plenty of groups who are doing something new or bizarre from Finland (Circle of Ouroborus and Oranssi Pazuzu I'm looking at you) or Fleshpress, one of my absolute favorites, there's  something special about the stripped down bands of Finland I find most interesting.

With a names like Ollie, the Finns mean business

Vordr's got a punk kinda feel to their usually short and bombastic songs, Horna can do a 16 minute song with 4 riffs and make it their best work, or they can do short punky bursts full of riffs and animosity, Armanenschaft's a stripped down and ugly side project of former chief deacon Albert Witchfinder of Reverend Bizarre fame, Musta Surma's another lo-fi outfit who's got that special charm, Prevalent Resistance is a deceptively familiar sounding band who knows how to create a great song, Diaboli's got the whole depressive shtick to mix with that raw Finnish sound, Behexen's usually boring, but this track takes a que from Horna and gets the whole long trancy song thing down perfectly, and then there's Misantropical Painforest; the weirdest of the bunch. (Not in the mood to work on my syntax/grammar here; maybe another day comma splices full power!)


1. Vordr - "Harvesting the Crop of the Ancient" - I
2. Armanenschaft -"14000 Years" - Psychedelic Winter
3.  Horna - "Vihan Tie" - Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne
4. Musta Surma - Usvan Lapset" - Demo
5. Prevalent Resistance - "Forever the Pale Flame Burns" - To Live Again and Dominate
6. Diaboli - "Call From the Stars" - Anthems of Sorrow
7. Behexen - "Ritual of Flesh and Blood" - Horna/Behexen Split
8. Misantropical Painforest - "Besmeared the Tunic of Honour" - Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing


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