Friday, March 2, 2012

Somewhat Forgotten Lore: Realized - 21st Century Terminal World

While 21st Century Terminal World still exists as their only full length, I was surprised to see that Japan's Realized were still kickin' the 'ol d beat around with a somewhat recent ep entitled Area 1. Misconceptions aside, Realized play a style of d beat driven grindcore with the most Doom-like vocals outside of Doom themselves.

I've held it as truth for years that Japan's one of the best countries when it comes to music. Like so many of my other Japanese favorites there's not a whole lot that really seperates Realized from the pack in terms of raw data. Instead, it's their supreme understanding and execution in delivery and sound. "Sweet Hammerheart" sounds straight outta the U.K. circa 88 and I mean that in only the best of ways.Their sound is honest and competent and successfully blurs the line that just barely separated hardcore and grindcore all those years back.

Songs surge along  d-beats and hardcore riffing staircases to blastbeat quips thoroughly ransacked by unearthly and seemingly overweight vocals. Guitars shine through every so often with a memorable riff, but for the most part play dirty and razorfed hardcore riffs.

With an album cover that's Scum meets World Downfall in a gloriously 80's style, Realized complete the package.

Bloodbath Records

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Zmaj said...

Whee! Props for bringing this one up.

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