Monday, December 17, 2012

The Kill - Make 'em Suffer

If you're looking for music to accompany your holiday past time of binging on meth and bulldozing your neighbor's gaudy lawn decorations then look no further than Australia's reigning grinders The Kill.

The band's a whirlwind of jagged metallic guitars (pristine in the grindiest way), furious blast beats and raspy shouts becomes staggeringly overwhelming at it's 20 minutes of nonstop abuse on their first full length Make 'em Suffer. Rarely does the band find time to slow down which works well as the guitar lacks that low-end punch to even think about palm muting or getting it's mosh on and they're one of those bands that works you into a dizzying fervor (not into some change picking up karate master). Like many staples of the genre The Kill happily etche their name into the wheel of grindcore instead of trying to remake it. While they might be another name on this proverbial wheel, their scrawl's quite large as few bands make an impact like these Aussies do.

To add a special something to the album, they've done an amazingly faithful, yet fluid and blistering rendition of one of my favorite Slayer songs; "Necrophobic" complete with the echoing squeals and awesome snare rolls to match. CD out through Blastafuk and LP to come soon from To Live A Lie.

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