Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beatriz Carnicero - No Reces

I could make a big deal about Beatriz Carnicero hailing from Uruguay, but I'll skip that and give the band their due as they play an exciting style of Slap-A-Ham power violence. Equal parts Spazz, Fuck on the Beach, and their own accent, Beatriz Carnicero capture the spirit of 90's hardcore perfectly. Quick shifts in momentum, various vocals tied together by thrashy guitars and an amazingly well balanced and perfect production creates an immediately likable sound.

No Reces ("Don't Pray") hardly sounds like a band's first release and yet it has that spirit of a young band, something you couldn't get out of many old bands if you held a gun to their head.Opener "The Haroldos" rips into things and showcases the dynamic vocal performances perfectly. "Sindrome de Lalas" is punctuated with great back and forth riffs and little breaks for the bellow vocals to cudgel everything else. From track to track the band mulls around in blast beats and punk sections, intertwining thrashy get-up-n-go parts with quick samples and plenty to circle pit to.

I have zero complaints about this release and can't get enough of it. It's like some great flashback re-imagined with both homage and personal enjoyment as part of the plan; I'm also a sucker for bands who sing in their native tongue and skip English -  it just seems more punk.

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