Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deism - Deism

A constant plucking bass, a floor tom build up and a sheet of feedback introduce Alabama's Deism and their 5 minute demo by the same name. Deism's approach is undoubtedly oldschool, although the slightly effected vocals detract from this nostalgic sound, the band's of a particular ilk that I don't come across too often.

The guitar's thin and hazy without too much distortion and the drums ride comfortably below everything else. While Deism's "to the point" they find enough time within their minute long songs to switch up tempos, energy and approach. What they most remind me of is a time when hardcore was only know as punk. A touch of    Die Kreuzen, a smattering of early NYHC, and a touch of the new and I think I've created a vague idea of what Deism are all about.

5 minutes of material does leave a lot to be desired, but Deism is a refreshing look at a style I don't come across too often. The cassette itself looks awesome (I've only got a promo download).

Up the punx.

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