Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweatin' To the Oldies vol 1

Here's what started as a playlist to encourage my sorry ass to find its way into the gym. You'll notice the excessive amount of beatdown power violence and death metal makes up the majority of the mix. Hope you enjoy!

Song            Artist       Album 
  1. Untitled I Ruin Lust Tour Demo  
  2. Life Beyond Life Innumerable Forms Dark Worship 
  3. Mass Obliteration Suffocation Effigy Of The Forgotten 
  4. Long Gone Coke Bust Degradation 
  5. Buried Death Coffins Buried Death 
  6. Pity Addict In Disgust Reality Choke 
  7. Kazdy Powod Wystarczajacy Suffering Mind Suffering Mind 
  8. Blood War III Antaeus De Principii Evangelikum 
  9. Manipulate Mind Eraser The Prodigal Son Brings Death 
  10. Sheet Metal Girl Pig Destroyer Prowler in the Yard 
  11. Förtärd Av Smärta Skitsystem Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen 
  12. Kept in a Position of Power Sex Prisoner Sex Prisoner 
  13. All About You The Berzerker World Of Lies 
  14. Nuclear Deterrence Insect Warfare World Extermination 
  15. La Peste Roja Looking For An Answer Eterno Treblinka 
  16. Siphon Then Slit Magrudergrind Magrudergrind/Shitstorm Split 
  17. Starless Dephosphorus Night Sky Transform
  18. Devletin Terörü Kimi Koruyor? I Sakatat Bir Devrin Sonu 
  19. Na Naszych Oczach...  Self Hate At The Beginning... (God Created Fear) 
  20. Rotten To Forgotten Hatred Surge Deconstruct 
  21. Master Of Profits Hewhocorrupts The Discographer 
  22. Rejected Psychopath Weekend Nachos Unforgivable 
  23. Hand Me Down Existencia Despise You West Side Horizons 
  24. Debilitated Hands Faith Addiction Order From Chaos 
  25. Greyed Out Drugs Of Faith Corroded        


Alex said...

This Playlist is awesome, real empowering stuff! Personally when I need music to motivate either physically or mentally, fastcore works a charm for me, hellnation, stack, short hate temper, chiens etc something about fast music. Did you hear about that study that found listening to Repulsion increases productivity? Apparently only if you don't like them.

Andrew Childers said...

yessssss pig destroyer (nice pick) and lfaa. i love to just throw on eterno treblinka and go careening my bike up and down the neighborhood at reckless speeds.

Perpetual Strife said...

@alex, I'll have to check some of those out and that study is really funny, almost as good (or bad) as using Deicide to torture captives in Iraq.

@Andrew, you and me both. I don't listen to music while I ride in the city unfortunately, but when I was at school it was a ritual to bike for miles drumming on my handlebars and singing along like an idiot.

Oh, and I assume you've caught NPR's streaming of PxDx's new LP? I assume you'll love it.

Andrew Childers said...

actually no. i've got my preorder in for the deluxe edition and i'm doing everything i can to avoid hearing too much about it until i can sit down and really just absorb it all in context.

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