Friday, December 16, 2011

Gripe Pig Servant

If you've been hankering old school grindcore touched up with the spit and polish of a post-good Napalm Death world then look no further. Gripe's songwriting is highly entertaining, energetic, and bombastic; definitely their strong point as it's something that sets them heads above others in a subset in where cloning yourself 30 times for an album is quite common.

I really can't get over the opening track's title "Ghetto Rapist," whatever the lyrics might be, it seems at odds both with the style of the band, as well as the other song titles (much of which contain the typical grindcore/punk ethos). To be blunt, the vocals need to be toned way down. Beyond that, the band plays a competent style of grindcore that reminds me a lot of my Turkish love affair with Sakatat ( yet is a bit too clean and rhythmically proficient to have that Warsore/E.N.T. vibe). I sound like I'm not too impressed, but I am. When the guitars come through they absolutely crush and even get hummable at times. And while the complaints I make about the vocals could be made about the drums, I like loud as hell drums and this drummer seems to be a machine that's learned how to dream of sheep. The pieces are on the table, and Gripe's just gotta find what clicks.

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Poots said...

It's challenging for grindcore bands to avoid drowning in their own genre. I'm not sure Gripe escapes that. It's certainly not bad, but the best of it flares and dies quickly. Occasionally the drums are viciously powerful, and occasionally there is a catchy riff but Pig Servant falls into that classic grindcore pitfall; repetitive and a bit soulless.

You're totally right that the vocals need to chill the fuck out. As for the guitar (absolutely the strongest point of the album) I'm surprised Pig Destroyer wasn't mentioned, specifically on songs like "Bottom Feeder". Beyond just a death influence there is a familiar chug and groove to the riffs - even more so in the second half. I also dig the sludgy break down in “Plea for death”, it makes the launch back very effective. The album certainly finished strong.

I didn't hate the album, and I think you're right about the bands potential. At its best Pig Servent is fun and explosive, but at its worst it just kind of mashes into a boring and slightly juvenile mess. "Not a fucking joke" feels very out of place to me – not that I hate short songs or anything, but it made it even more apparent that the direction and tone of this album was very confused. Although bits and pieces were cool, I think Pig Servant is ultimately forgettable.

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Anonymous said...

Waah Somebody cut the vocals down! I don't know that comment has an old man reviewing grindcore quality to it for some reason. I just find it dumb to complain about anything being to harsh in the realm of grindcore. Also "Bottom Feeder sounds nothing like Pig Destroyer and brings to mind more of an old school fastcore type vibe. Which is really what allot of this ep makes me think of. There are some missteps but overall I honestly feel this is a very promising ep and a return to form for nasty punk influenced grind. I dont know, how forgettable this album is will be based on taste its getting lots of love from several other blogs and was hailed as a game changer by none other than J Randle, as well as receiving props from Arif Rot of Wormrot in interviews. Sounds like a matter of opinion.

Perpetual Strife said...

name dropping has to be more "ungrindcore" then any complaints about harshness. That said, both of these comments highlight the nature of this ep very well.

On instinct I like it a lot, but it doesn't sit right, as if the band themselves are a bit unsure. Anon is right though, I think this release does show a lot of potential for what's to come. If anyone wrote Assuck off because of their "Born Backwards" demo, then they surely missed out.

blasting D said...

I immediately loved Pig servant. yes not everything in it is perfect of course but yes it is really enjoyable and for a first released after a first demo it is more than promising. in fact it's one of my favorite grind's record for 2011.

an that's why I asked Gripe for an interview. here it is, on Blasting days :

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