Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rotten Sound-Cursed

It only took me one listen to realize Rotten Sound hadn't made any headway since their disappointing Cycles. Calling it a slide might be a bit too much, rather than a fall like 90's Napalm Death, the band has simply repeated themselves and added only tweaks and bugs to their execution with recent releases. That stomach churning guitar tone that was responsible for clearing whole forests back in 2005 with Exit has been diminished to a digital liquid soup with lack of character. The grime that covered every inch in Exit (including the hostile artwork) has been blunted into a fatter, boring-er sound. The vocals have lost whatever punch they had and are some of the most repetitive and uninteresting around (this would be a title fight between Deafeatist in the land of the inane). Songs lack character and definition, possibly a symptom of using such a muddied guitar tone; but somehow all those Swedes back when made it work.

To make things worse, the band finds time to do their best Entombed imitation with "Choose" and it's immediate successor "Hollow." It's beyond me why this band's wasting time with slow sections because they're the same stock riffage the band has come to use (as well as any generic death metal band) in their trip into mediocrity. The song writing's so boring, if you were to play them "Slave" from Exit they'd view it as some superior entity above themselves.

A name that used to mean something, Rotten Sound's content to repeat themselves as long as you're content to listen.


Andrew Childers said...

while i certainly agree that rotten sound certainly are reaching near motorhead levels of repetition, i do think they've hit a sweet spot between grind and crust and i'm ok to see them keep tweaking that to see what new kinds of shades they can explore. is anything gonna top murderworks? probably not. but i'll deal.

Perpetual Strife said...

I don't hear any crust here. way too polished sounding to even consider it. but you're right I guess, lost cause.

painiac said...

I thought Cycles was one of their more interesting releases, but if I wanted to hear that I'd just listen to it. By and large, Rotten Sound have bored me.

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