Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cellgraft -Cellgraft

Following their namesake, Cellgraft have called a quits with the release of their first and only full length album Cellgraft.

Opening track "False Sequence of Value" plays the traditional role in the grindcore roller coaster as the trudging beginning that acts as a counterpoint to the downhill throttle that awaits you throughout the rest of the lp. This is particularly effective with the band's muddled and ultra heavy production as the the opener hits like Mack truck.

Grind fans will be hard pressed to find anything to dislike, while those not in bed with the genre might find the album a bit too homogenous throughout the first couple of listens. However, when the time is taken to listen through multiple times there are a handful of great riffs and moments of utter grind bliss that should be studied with great zeal, one such being "Ebb of Cipher."

A strong contender to grind album of the year, Cellgraft is a downtunned grind spree filled with exceptional and interesting drumming, powerful vocals and great antics in song writing and structure.

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