Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spewtilator - Inhale Awaits

Best cover art of the year
Inhale Awaits, the final bong rip from Hotlanta thrashtards Spewtilator, would of been a great addition to their budding catalog of deathgrind laced thrash; unfortunately, days after I received this ep, the band announced they were calling a quits.

It's hard to approach this knowing there will be nothing more, because frankly, I need more of this band. In roughly 5 years the band composed 3 eps which all put together probably span just over half an hour. Stylistically, Inhale Awaits, might be the band's best effort as it's definitely the thrashiest and contains an excellent cover of Celtic Frost's "Into Crypts of Rays." This time around the band has dropped any kind of grindcore influences and stick to the mid/fast-pace beat with some of their best riffs yet.

The EP starts with "Xanax Fury" which flexes the band's dynamic writing and energetic vibe as the song keeps jumping ship to different grooves and riffs making it hard to sit still. Where as the first track is all over the place, "Burn in Hell" is a midpaced Destructionesque kind of jam that involves some awesome higher registry vocals a'la Tommy A on Hell Awaits and relies on a nifty little riff. "Into Crypts of Rays" might be the best cover of that song I've heard as bands like Insect Warfare and Marduk have found ways to muck it up.

As I said, it's a shame that they couldn't make it to an LP or even to play for me in my apartment and do keg stands, but I digress. Inhale Awaits is an unevenly recorded piece of filth similar to how uneven sounding Hell Awaits was (which means it's good) and showcases the band's best thrash chops.

Play fast(er).


Unknown said...

This fucking rules! Best cover artwork and best album name of 2012!

Smoke Weed. said...

Thanks for the good words man... and you'll get your wish, there will be a split, compilation tape, and maybe one more 7" before our casket lid officially closes.

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