Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Battles in the NORTHLESS

Beer capital doomernuaghts Northless set off on a anti-confederacy tour beginning this Saturday in Indianapolis, and moving its way through Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, and  ending with two shows in Illinois on the 20th. I hoep to catch at least one of the shows in NYC (and I'll be sure to post some dribble here).

If you haven't checked out their most recent release, a slickly produced titan of a record released through our friends at Gilead Media, Clandestine Abuse, you're missing out. Having found itself featured in Maximum Rock and Roll, Metal Sucks, Decibel Magazine, A.V. Club Milwaukee, Northless seem to have gotten around quite well (and rightfully so). More important than any reviews, hype or anything else worthless; they got a burger named after themselves. Take that!

Look forward to a CD release of Clandestine Abuse soon from Siege of Power, especially if that heavy DLP was just too much for your non-burger eating arms. And if it wasn't, Halo of Flies is repressing that fatty for you.

Here are the dates

Northless homepage

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