Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Demo Fodder: PILGRIM- Forsaken Man

When a band's name is Pilgrim I think you know what you're in for; the long list of cross totin' 17-18th century iconography filled bands begins and starts under the banner of doom metal. Pilgrim's not so different, their slow, warm and fuzzy style of doom fits right in with big boys Witchfinder General, Reverend Bizarre, or Saint Vitus yet it thankfully contains it's own, unique murky sound.

 With the lengthy intro aside, "Forsaken Man" carries along a catchy vapor-like melody that slithers through the repetitive ritualistic drums. Chants reminiscent of pagan rituals, distant haunting vocals sung in a brazen style and an eventual mid-tempo breakout halfway through "Quest" rounds out this two song cassette. Our main concern, as doom loving metal heads, are the riffs. How many riffs? Are they good riffs? WWIW? (what would Iommi write) and can I slowly nod until I pass out from a pool of blood forming in the back cavity of my burned out brain? Well the answer to all is yes (even if it doesn't make sense, I don't care). Pilgrim lets the doom riffs slide and repeat when needed, much like buttering hot corn.
All of that inane banter aside, the riff work fits right where it needs to; catchy and melodic enough, heavy and distorted enough, and nothing too over the top or boring. Pilgrim hit all the right parts of the doom palate.

Traditional doom never really gets me. I love Sabbath of course, but bands like Witchfinder General, St. Vitus, Pentagram are enjoyable, but never compelling enough for me. Thankfully, Pilgrim escapes this as they know every important note, sequence, and mood to create a fulfilling two song tape that makes any sane person demand more. 
Note excessive beard hair and polarized effect. DOOOOM
Listen to the tracks here, then buy the tape through Electric Assault Records 

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