Tuesday, August 30, 2011


With the advent of hurricane paranoia, I found myself trapped, in doors, for the weekend and due to my situation couldn't work on this illustrious blog (plus a huge workload yesterday that I'm still feeling today). That said, here's a little place filler (Sorry for the lack of a MNV!!! Next week, I promise).

From our good friend Adam over at Gilead Media, we have exclusive original artwork from RAINBATH Visual.  Having done artwork for Ash Borer, Fell Voices, and Deafheaven I have seen a lot of this stuff and absolutely love it. A little out of my price range, but hopefully not yours. Check it out on EBAY.

The fall proves to be an exciting time here in NYC, beyond the beautiful weather I'm waiting for, we get to have lots of shows. Swans, Wolves in the Throne Room and Thou, Despise You, etc. So come out if you're in the area.

Got a nice list in the making, keep your eyes peeled.

And if you're a hockey fan like me, check this out. He's not much of a goalie, and apparently he likes "4-5 songs" by Maiden, but whatever. Cool as hell.


Andrew Childers said...

love mason's mask.

you survive the hurri-quake/earth-icane? my cat caused more damage to my house than either.

Perpetual Strife said...

Cabin fever set in, I had to play a lot of nhl 11 to counter it.

Andrew Childers said...

i survived through copious amounts of gta4 and a big stack of toshiro mifume samurai films myself.

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