Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Night Violence: Lycanthrophy

If the Czech Republic didn't already bless us with great hockey players with better haircuts, good beer, sausages, and one of the most humorous authors in the world, then we've been truly blessed with Lycanthrophy.

Taken from their Myspace, Lycanthrophy formed in 1998 and quickly produced a demo and played what/where they could. Fast-forward nearly 12 years later and we finally have their first full length, simply titled Lycanthrophy. Their s/t completely blows anything they've done out of the water. While there's no drastic change in sound, everything from the production to the exact moment the vocals change is perfect.

I came upon Lycanthrophy by chance after my interest in Suffering Mind had been piqued by their, self-titled LP. Suffering Mind's split with Lycanthrophy ranks among one of my most played 7"s. Besides Suffering Mind's offering, Lycanthrophy's endless barrage style appealed to me right off the bat. Furthermore, the somewhat recent addition of a female vocalist was a huge vat of icing to be shoveled directly into my mouth, skipping the cake.

Lycanthrophy's style and delivery is completely unrelenting which makes impossible (and pointless) to pin them to either grindcore or power violence. Punk sections shift to blistering blast beats without a second's notice, frenzied guitar riffs strum out to punk power chord progressions. Measure to measure is like a roller-coaster fashioned after the slimmest W's you've ever seen.

Having never made it across the Atlantic (to my knowledge) there is still hope! Until then, if you find yourself in Europe they seem to get around plenty. On a side note, connecting last week's band of choice, Lycanthrophy covers "No More Feelings" on their split cassette with Neni Uniku. While the cover's nothing much to speak of (the singer sounds like he swallowed the mic and is singing into a sock), it's still a funny coincidence.

For fans of Agathocles, Warsore, Crossed Out, Yacøpsæ, Gride, and Dropdead.

Essential Discography

Split 7" w. Suffering Mind
Split 7" w. F.U.B.A.R
Split 7" w. Gride
Split LP/CD w. Saywhy?

Good luck finding their stuff this side of the Atlantic. I was able to snag the s/t on Discogs, and the split with F.U.B.A.R and the one with Suffering Mind, seem readily available here.


kaotoxin said...

So many thanks for the review!

If you're into Lycanthrophy, check also Magrudergrind, Jesus Crøst and Idiots Parade, all on Bones Brigade records.

Their releases are, BTW, available through Bones Brigade records' GrindShop at !

Thanks again for the support !

Nico W. / Kaotoxin records
webmaster for Bones Brigade records.

Andrew Childers said...

i hate jagr almost as much as i hate ovechkin.
jagr should be strangled with his own mullet.

Perpetual Strife said...

I don't mind Ovechkin, especially when him and Dubinsky had a go. He's a scorer who plays physical unlike Crysbaby and has an absurd sense of humor.

I coulda gone with "Voukon, the NHL's most under-appreciated goalie" instead of mullet-man.

Andrew Childers said...

i'll take crosby's gold medal and cup over ovechkin's annual spring failure.

but my hatred has to do more with being in dc and listening to people who don't understand the game go on and on about how great he is and why they don't understand why he doesn't play 45 minutes a game like in basketball and how he'll single handedly beat other teams. blah blah blah blah.

also that whole skate down the wall, cut the center, pull up in the circles and shoot through a defender's legs move got tired at least two seasons ago.

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