Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Night Violence: Backslider

Two man fastcore act Backslider hail from my most hated sports city in the world and were one of the high points of the Despise You show I caught last week. One part one part stop and one part go, Backslider prove to be as mosh oriented as they are confusing. Songs abruptly shift from slow jams to breakneck blasts to precision stops then a jumble of the previous formula.

Formed in 2009 and with only a handful of splits, demos, and eps under their belt, Backslider stay strong with the promise of three new eps from trusted labels Deep Six, To live a Lie (it's imperative you check their front page as it's one of the most glorious pieces of art I've ever seen), and Cowabunga Records.

As I mentioned earlier, more so than the Infest vocals, the riffs, or the drum work, it's the song structure and the band's tendency to play in salvos, correct themselves, rearm, and start it all over again. This lead to newcomers to the band, as well as regulars, awkwardly head banging or moshing to silence or a complete different tempo than they expected throughout the aforementioned show. 

Where the band rarely stays at one tempo or rhythm, the music isn't anything too jarring or annoying, instead it's an ammusing approach that not too many bands employ. "Amusing" might sound belittling, but it isn't meant to be. Rather, it's a way of making the music itself enjoyable and playful, something few (if any) hardcore bands do.

They're the kind of band that will be out of place with a full length, but right at home on any split possible. Definitely worth checking out, and more fun live as this band's built for the pit (if only their average song was longer than 30 seconds).

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