Sunday, September 18, 2011

Show Saga Part I: 9/11 Despise You, Magrudergrind, Blackslider, The Communion, and Defeatist

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan
The past week has been a blur for me. I haven't seen his many bands since I went to maryland Deathfest two years ago.We'll start with last Sunday as Despise You and company completely ripped Shea Stadium (what passes for a venue) apart.
Now with 30% more china cymbal

An homage to New York's favorite losers, Shea Stadium is situated in the unhip part of Williamsburg that's still just old warehouses. Up a narrow stair case and you're inside what looks like a squat, complete with old, torn furniture, crusties, and absolutely no ventilation. First I saw Defeatist who has a new album out soon that you can hear here. I've done the band a favor and renamed them "China Cymbal" as that's all that band seems to do. Their brand of technical stop n' go grindcore came through somewhat clearly as the crowd stood still through their china filled set.This is my third time seeing them and they still haven't clicked with me; oh well.

The Communion were a nice change of pace playing a style of sludge similar to Dystopia (while no where as good of course). Awkward 9/11 references and singer aside, the band poured themselves out to what seemed to be an indifferent crowd.

Philly's Backslider got people moving and did quite a lot for just two guys. Maybe the sleeper of the show, I really enjoyed this two man act's penchant for moshy hardcore-tinged grindcore that provided plenty of breaks to pick up change and hammer punch your way through the crowd.

Magrudergrind were themselves, I don't really know what to say after I've seen this band five times now.They play fast, they play loud, they've got more energy than half the bands out there and they're pros at what they do/ This wasn't there best, and from what I could tell there was a lack of older jams which means it was much more grindy: bring back the Spazz vocals and mosh parts!

Guess which dude is me. Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan
Despise You however, boy oh boy, this is what I was waiting for; everything their recorded material promised to be and more. Despise You had a few slip ups but proved to be one of the best bands I've ever seen. They played thrity two songs covering old classics like "No More...Feelings," "Bullshit Reflections," "I End Me" as well as newer tracks like "Roll Call," "Fear's Song," and "All the Regimes you Hold Most Dear" from their recent split with Agorphobic Nosebleed.

Wildly energetic, complete with mics to the crowd and what seemed like a genuinely fun time between the old band mates, Despise You were without fault and any signs of slowing down. Needless to say I was blown away, everything came together with their cover of D.R.I.'s "Couch Slouch" which had Magrudergrind drummer in the pit and the whole floor singing along.

Part II and III to come shortly, Thou, Wolves in The Throne Room, Ruin Lust, Urfaust, etc.

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Shanetera said...

Super jealous. I saw Magrudergrind on the Misery Index tour and they ripped it up playing the S/T all the way through(minus Bridge Burner). I can imagine Backslider would tear it up too.

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