Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Show Saga Pat III: Urfaust, Black Anvil, Krallice, and Ruin Lust @ The Union Pool Hall

If my ear drums weren't already aching, last Saturday brought another session of top class metal that I was fortunate enough to catch.

Ruin Lust. Courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.
The night kicked off with the unassuming three piece Ruin Lust. Comprised of members of Fell Voices, Ruin Lust are a far cry from the lengthy and spectral sound of the adforemntioned band. Instead, drummer Mike, pounded his tiny drumset like some frenized berzerker, grunting and screaming all the way. Accurate to call "war metal" but unfairly pigeon-holing the band, Ruin Lust were 100% that night and showed a level of aggression, power and sheer force that no other band matched up to. Well excuted, Ruin Lust set the bar high for the night.

I skipped out on Krallice and hit the bar as I know their shtick, but I overheard they were spot on and the same goes for Black Anvil. The latter interests me far more than the former, but corn on the cob got in the way of seeing the band (the venue has a taco truck situated in its outside portion).

Urfaust came to the stage, humble and on point, rocking right off the bat. The slow, droning chords matched with the unmistakable and truly ethereal vocals of singer/guitarist IX were held together by the rudimentary backbeat of drummer VRDRBR and successfully recreated the trance like quality that the band has perfected after nearly seven years.The crowd moshed as slowly and drunkenly as they could, much to the dismay of some, and to the delight of others. Faint attempts to recreate the German lyrics echoed in the tightly packed venue and people even bought drinks for the guys. The night was topped with a bunch of songs I can't pronounce and pinpoint as many bleed together. Much of the set seemed to be from their latest full length, Der freiwillige Bettler. No ego kept the band from the crowd and they, to much applause, dedicated a track to the late Peter Steele (of Type O Negative fame; Brooklyn's pride and joy) and even haggled the crowd for requests (to which someone called out a tune already played, and silence as the bands titles were intimidating enough to read let alone shout).

I was suspiscious of Urfaust's ability to recreate some of the most absorbing and atmospheric music in the extreme music scene, but they succeeded without the help of keyboards or addiontal members. An impressive show and a fortunate occurrence as the band rarely makes it to this side of the Atlantic.

Look for a review of the Ruin Lust cassette I snagged at the show sometime in the future.

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