Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ruin Lust- Unittled

Ruin Lust's set at The Brooklyn Union Pool Hall last Saturday was one of the most driven and intense performances I've seen in awhile.This artillery barrage of a show forced me to pick up what I can only assume to be their only release, a titleless demo cassette.

Usually a band has either its recorded experience to live up to, or vice versa; here, Ruin Lust had the latter. What you get with this cassette is 5 tracks of uncompromising black metal that is as heavy as it is fast. Nothing atmospheric, nothing artsy or progressive, instead, it's a vehement, laconic curbstomping that starts as quickly as it ends.

Critics often make the mistake of using absolutes when they're ignorant of what else exists, I myself have probably made the mistake. I say this because I remember reading ages ago a copy of Revolver which stated Nirvana was the 19th heaviest band of all time (Obituary was 45th, just for comparison's sake). So I keep that in mind when people say "heavy" as it's lost its meaning, just like "epic." Well, for what it's worth, I can assure you that Ruin Lust is one of the heaviest bands I've heard in recent memory. The ferocity of Conqueror's s War Cult Supremacy meets a more level headed production and an uncompromising desire to offer something that countless Blasphemy clones can't; decent song writing and varied song structure. Dramatic build ups and primal grunts fly right into Blasphemy pounds (all drums are hit at the same time as fast as possible) as the most perfect guitar tone saws meaty, wet riffs in rapid fire succession. Much like successful grindcore bands, the emphasis on rhythm and structure propels Ruin Lust through dirge like build ups into razor walls of sound and brooding intensity.

While I talked with their drummer briefly about an upcoming Fell Voices release (one of his many projects), I'll be honest in saying I'm much more excited to see what happens with Ruin Lust and hopefully we can see a full length down the road.

Yes I have to bring up Blasphemy, no Ruin Lust isn't some trite clone. Catch the band if you can and look around for their demo, I'm sure it's out there somewhere to buy.

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