Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cerebrate -Demo CS

The current old school death metal revival is a trend I fully endorse. It's a bit funny to call it a trend as metal, especially death metal such as this, is pretty obscure in the larger picture of things; but it's gained momentum nonetheless.Cerebrate's a pungent musk of 90's Swedish death metal dragged through a dense fog of retrospect and admiration. Comprised of Ash Borer members, Cerebrate have all but a sold out demo cassette to their name (there's a promise of a pro edition to come soon). The demo itself is two tracks of cavernous death metal that's full of riffs, solos, brooding atmosphere and concrete gurgling vocals drenched in the reverb that's to be expected of such an act.

So much more than shameless homage, Cerebrate capture the magic of analogue and a time before "core" was the appropriate suffix to almost everything. Much like the band's black metal project, Cerebrate's cassette contains the bare minimum in terms of information and aesthetic; the track titles as well are simply "I" and "II." And while the production's stripped down, the music itself is dynamic and cataclysmic as songs are aren't content to just rely on one gimmick or one section.Dark tremolo sections lead to punky like stomps and thrashy midpaced sections with some seriously sinister riffs that'd make Incantation proud.

I by cerebratedeath

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