Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mind as Prison - Maryland Grindcore

Amidst the sea of great DIY acts in Maryland, Mind as Prison claim Maryland for themselves with their recent EP titled Maryland Grindcore. Old school and unadulterated, Mind as Prison blast through muddy and dismally dark grindcore with a dénouement  in the shape of a Sick of it All cover (fully fledged with its intro that the bands points out to be wrongfully cut from the track).

At times the putrid bass, hazy guitar, thundering drums and guttural grunts all run askew into a forceful tidal wave that's on one hand awesomely violent, and on another just plain muddy. The production is what it is, but it doesn't hamper the band's sheer aggression and delivery. It's a style of recording that's an honest excuse to lure you into a live show as I can only assume that's where the band truly exceeds. Songs are well thought out plans of attack in terms of structure and rhythm. There's tons of momentum behind every second of the band and when things do slow down it's just the rise before the fall.

Genuine grindcore for those of you sick of overproduce garbage like Rotten Sound and the like; Mind as Prison are fresh faces sticking to an old and true doctrine.

To Live a Lie Records


Andrew Childers said...

this is one i've been meaning to hunt down for a while. you make it sound like it's right up my alley.

Perpetual Strife said...

Oh it is. 4 bucks i think from TLAL, not to mention their drummer's a super nice dude.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Think I need to check this out, especially because the Rotten Sound dig at the end is right up my alley.

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