Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hungry Lungs - S/T

Hungry Lungs play a muddy and viscous style of hardcore not without a modern metal influx as well an unavoidable crusty presence.  Unfortunately, the ep itself is quite short  but it's 5 minutes well spent. Melodic leads atop heavy, albeit stock riffs, and surging drums create a pulsing style of hardcore I've come to love. Familiar yet unique enough, Hungry Lungs are a full fledged aural assault relying on a nasty wall of sound, perfect raspy vocals and devastating guitars which are sometimes allowed to play something catchy as hell. 

I'm going to have default to comparisons as I'm not so well versed in hardcore, but I'd say they remind me a lot of High on Crime with a touch of Kaospilot and His Hero is Gone.

Despite the lackluster length, Hungry Lungs offer up a strong offering of what I can only hope to be a fruitful campaign. Props for a cool name as well.

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